About Wholesaling

The Steps

  • Find a motivated seller

  • Negotiate with the seller and get the property under contract.

  • Find a buyer who wants the deal and is willing to pay your assignment fee.

  • The buyer closes on the property and everyone gets paid out at closing

Real estate Wholesaling is a strategy in which a person

(The Wholesaler) finds a property, Negotiates a contract with the seller and then finds a buyer for the property.

The wholesaler does not take possession of the property, but simply acts as a middleman between the seller and the buyer.

Simply Stated

Our first step is to market to leads whether it is from a foreclosure, probate, or no equity list. We market to people with some problem, that own a property and we present different solutions for their problem. Every property requires a different strategy to buy. Then once we build a connection with the seller we get the property under contract to buy. We then "assign" that contract to a different buyer for an "assignment fee".

We are finding deals with great returns for either fix-and-flippers or buy and hold investors to purchase. Analysis will be done on each property to ensure there is money to be made by everyone in the transaction. We operate in a transparent, fair and ethical manner.

Contact us if you have a deal or need any help negotiating with a seller